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Table of Content

12 Wonderful Units for Learning English

Unit 1 (Fashion & Dance) By M.Eslami
Fashion & Dance Reading Exercises
Fashion & Dance Listening Exercises
Conversation Puzzle
Fashion Glossary

Unit 2 (Food)
Food Reading Exercises
Food Listening Exercises
Food puzzle
Food Game
More On Food

Unit 3 (Job)
job reading comprehension & exercises
Job listening & exercises
Job puzzle
Job songs
More on Job 

Unit 4 (Education)by Fazeli
Education Reading Exercise
Education Listening Exercise

Unit 5(Nature)By Saba Mahmoodi
Global Warming Reading Comprehension Exercises
Global Warming Listening Comprehension Exercises
Nature Puzzle
Related Song & Videos

Unit 6 (Politics)By Tamadon
Reading comprehension : President radio address (By Tamadon)
Listening comprehension- President radio address (By Tamadon)
Learn Grammar (Present Continuous Tense) (By Tamadon)

Unit 7 (Art)
Art Reading Exercises
Art Listening Exercises
Learn Grammar Through An Interesting Entertainment

Unit 8 (Family)
Family Reading Exercises
Family Listening Exercises

Unit 9 (Relationship and Emotion)By Maveddat
Relationship and Emotion Reading Comprehension
Relationship and Emotion Listening Comprehension
Relationship and Emotion Games

Unit 10 (Sports)
sport reading comprehension exercise
sport listening comprehension exercise
sport conversation puzzle
sport expressions
sport links

Unit 11 (Technology)
Technology Reading Exercises
Technology Listening Exercises

Unit 12 (Transportation)
Transportation Reading Exercise
Transportation Listening Exercise

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