Papa's burgeria

You're headed back to the kitchen to run Papa Louie's new burger shop! New customers and old favorites will visit the Burgeria, and you'll have to take orders, grill burgers, add toppings, and serve the sandwiches to the waiting customers.
At the end of each day, visit the Upgrade Shop to spend your hard-earned tips. Helpful items include a door chime, grill timers, a heat lamp, and various decorations to help improve your score.

Use the mouse to play, and follow the in-game tutorial to learn how to take orders, cook patties, and stack toppings

Papa's pizzeria
A fun restaurant game set in a busy pizzeria. In Papas Pizzeria you top, bake and slice pizzas to earn tips to keep your pizzeria in business.

Hints, tips, cheats and Instructions for Papas Pizzeria:
The game starts with a short tutorial. The key to Papas Pizzeria is to work fast and give the right pizza to the right customers.

Self Service Restaurant Game
Another Restaurant Game from! This time its from Korea and in Korean too, sorry. Serve smoothies, coffee, sandwiches and more to very hard to please customers.

Hints, tips, cheats and Instructions for Self Service Restaurant Game:
Remember each customers order and get cooking! Drag fruit to the blender to make smoothies, click on the bread, eggs and ketchup to make a sandwich.

Family Restaurant Game
Help a small family restaurant pick up business again after a slow period. You must learn how to prepare the food and get it served on time.

Hints, tips, cheats and Instructions for Family Restaurant Game:
This is a demo but it has 7 levels so it is still worth a play. In the Family Restaurant Game you prepare the dishes on the menu and even create your own.

The Bartender
See if you can keep a busy bar running for more than 10 minutes. The Bartender game has difficult mixed drinks to remember and lots of demanding customers.

Hints, tips, cheats and Instructions for The Bartender:
Click the scroll to the left of the bartenders head to see the mixed drink recipes. Click on the pumps, mix and serve!

Kebab Van
Serve greasy kebabs to drunk people in this fun restaurant game from the UK.

Hints, tips, cheats and Instructions for Kebab Van:
The key to the Kebab Van game is to keep stock levels high and change the kebab mixture to suit peoples tastes. The more drunk people are the more chillis they will need.

Cake Waitress
Another fun restaurant game from! Take orders, serve drinks and clean up after people, you know how it works.

Hints, tips, cheats and Instructions for Cake Waitress:
Play Cake Waitress using the mouse, click on customers to take their order then go back to the kitchen to tell the chef.

Busy Restaurant
You are in charge of a restaurant once again, can you handle the pressure? Meet your daily targets and buy upgrades like usual!

Hints, tips, cheats and Instructions for Busy Restaurant:
Take orders and bring the right food to the right people.
If you see any flies, use the fly spray to get rid of them! Look out for rats

The Waitress Game
This is a great waitress simulation game where you get to manage tables and remember orders. The game has a wide scrollable area which makes it more difficult.

Hints, tips, cheats and Instructions for The Waitress Game:
Wait for customer to sit down then click on them to note their order. The walk to the right where you can tell the chef and collect drinks.

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